London 2017

London- Day 1

Sorry for the delayed blog post! I’ve been too tired for the past few days to write anything.

We landed in London Heathrow Airport bright and early in the morning. Unfortunately, the customs line was very long for non-EU citizens. It took us an hour to get through the line. We discovered that you can also register online to be a Registered Traveller, which allows you to use the EU citizens line. Make sure you check it out if you’re heading to London!
We got a taxi and headed towards our hotel. It was kind of stressful watching the driver drive because I kept thinking we were in the wrong lane and going to crash into an oncoming car. Thankfully, the driver knew what he was doing and we safely made it to our hotel. The service at the hotel was impeccable. The moment we stepped off the taxi, someone came to help us with our luggage. Someone even spun the revolving doors for us as we went through!
After dropping off everything in our room, we headed out to explore London. Our first stop: Victoria & Albert Museum.


There was a short line to get inside, but it moved very quickly. We wandered around the museum and made our way to the cafe for lunch. We dined in the Gamble Room, which is absolutely gorgeous (but somehow I failed to take any photos of it). We explored the rest of the museum and there were many interesting pieces, ranging from fashion to paintings, and everything in between.


We left the museum a few hours later and hopped on a one those double-decker Hop On and Hop Off Buses (by Golden Tours) for an overview of London. Our guide was very lively and interesting. He provided interesting commentary and made the trip around the city very enjoyable. We saw all the major tourist sites like Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge, and Big Ben.


We headed back to our hotel and picked up some few sandwiches along the way before calling it a day.














Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now. The whole idea started when a Youtuber I watch encouraged her followers to have a creative outlet and suggested blogging. However, I was kind of scared (and too lazy) to start one. One friend encouraged me to start a blog to document all the food I ate after seeing my photos on Snapchat several times, and after learning that several of my friends started travel blogs, I had the courage to start this blog. I will be blogging food, travel, and fashion, starting with my trip to Europe. Please enjoy my blog!

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